Keynote Speakers

Upcoming 2017 Keynote Speaker: Captain Wendy B. Lawrence

Captain Lawrence is a retired United States Navy Captain, veteran NASA astronaut, recipient of multiple commendations as a naval officer and helicopter pilot, and one of the first two female helicopter pilots to make a long deployment over the Indian Ocean. Currently, Captain Lawrence dedicates her time to educating the public about NASA’s spaceflight programs at the Kennedy Space Center, and she is actively involved in developing STEM education programs.

2016 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Anne Fausto-Sterling

Dr. Anne Fausto-Sterling is a renowned and respected expert in sexual identity and the biology of gender development. She is the Nancy Duke Lewis Professor Emerita of Biology and Gender Studies in the Department of Molecular and Cell Biology and Biochemistry and former director of the Science & Technology Studies Program at Brown University. Fausto-Sterling is also a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and ADVANCE Distinguished Visiting Scholar. Dr. Fausto-Sterling has challenged societal norms that limit gender and sexuality to a set number and instead suggests that sex and gender are “conceptualized as points in a multidimensional space.” With her theories such as the Dynamic Systems Theory, Dr. Fausto-Sterling hopes to restructure the dichotomy that society and science often apply to sex and gender. She explores both nature and nurture and further suggests that the two function together rather than separately.

2015 Keynote speaker: Dr. Angela Davis

Dr. Angela Davis is a feminist theorist and renowned civil rights activist, specifically promoting racial justice and women’s and prisoner’s rights. Dr. Davis is a respected academic and distinguished Professor Emerita at the University of California Santa Cruz. As both a witness and pioneer within the civil rights movements of the 1960’s and 1970’s, Dr. Davis helped pave the way for social reform for the black community and the prison system. Davis is also the author of numerous books examining the intersection of gender and race.


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